A Day Like No Other

Do you ever have those days were everything you need…gets done?
Today was one of those days..Everyone I needed help from came through with flying colors…I am blessed!
Morning Check List:

  • Board meeting in the morning and Shawnee Copy Center had everything ready by 7:00am. (check)
  • Mike Winne volunteered to create our Oscar Night America Invitations (check)
  • Sent Invitation to the Academy for approval (check)
  • Getting PSA tagged at the end for TV 9 and videos looped together for Beer for Bikes (check)
  • Got Royals 5K flyer from Brocton Creative Group for FanFest this weekend-sent for approval (check)
  • Wrote newsletter for January (check)
  • Received press release for Young Variety anniversary (check)
  • Started Krispy Kreme- Donate for Donuts campaign (check)
  • Lining up volunteers for this Saturday Fan Fest (check)
  • Sent Congratulations to Cathy Clay for her first day on the job at Alice 102 (check)
  • Got help reducing a quote for an adaptive bike for a sweet child in need (check)
  • Watched new Young Variety Video 4 times at (check)
  • Got my new Blog on the Variety Web site (check ,check)

and all before noon…

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