A “Royal” Weekend

Variety had a Royal weekend.

We started early Saturday morning with a booth at Royals FanFest! The Overland Park Convention Center was  transformed into a “Disney World type” experience for Kansas City Royals fans and players.

Variety’s Children Charity of KC introduced our new Mascot….It was a huge hit and kid magnet. So many people wanted pictures with the Variety Heart  Mascot……One little girl hugged the heart and said….. “I love you heart”. We met wonderful people and encouraged them to run or walk in the Royals 5K this September. The proceeds will benefit Royals Charities and Variety Children’s Charity of KC.

Our booth drew in alot of fun loving kids…We had a bubble machine, baseball Home Run game and lots of prizes. We had some Variety kids attend  the event and we were able to get them up close to some of their favorite players.  That was fun to see. We also made friends with the Overland Park Police Captain and his crew…They wore Variety Gold Heart Pins to show their support of our mission!
Our Variety High School volunteers are amazing……Jon, Sommer, Julia, Maggie, Abby, Julia, Sarah and Jillian. We also had Young Variety volunteers participate…Gene and Karen and Variety Volunteer..Tina….(It does take a village!) I am so impressed that students have the drive to give back to the communities they live. It is character building experience.

I had the unbelievable pleasure to meet Dan and Penny Glass. (actually bumped into them) What an honor to be able to thank them in person for their support and belief in Variety’s mission. I am in awe of their philanthropic heart that gives back to our community…especially to the kids in Kansas City that need assistance…Like our Variety kids. They use their lives to make a difference and change the lives of others.

What could be more rewarding than leaving a legacy of giving?

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