Making Wishes Come True

Variety’s Board had many requests for funding this month.

So glad we can help Demetrius get a wheelchair ramp for his van. He is a wonderful 15 year old boy that suffers with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. He is getting too big to lift, and now… Mom can push him in his wheelchair into the van so he can get around easier.

I have the honor of letting this family know their burden to fiance the ramp has been lifted.

We also granted little 8 year old Alyssa, the adaptive bike she needs. Alyssa’s therapist thinks this will help her benefit by engaging her gross motor skills…And I hope she will to have some fun too! Alyssa has Rett Syndrome and has a very supportive and encouraging mother. I know she loves American Girl Dolls…Maybe I’ll see about a basket for the bike so her doll can come with her.

The board also granted the wish of the last payment of a motorized wheelchair for sweet 10 year old Noah.
Noah relies on a power chair because of Freeman-Sheldon syndrome. These necessary wheelchairs are unbelievable expensive…Close to $30,000. It seems so unfair that something so mandatory has to be so expensive.  When I told Noah’s mom of our approval of funds…she was so grateful  like all families that are offered help for children.

Look what Noah’s mom wrote on Facebook…..The Young Variety Club of Kansas City! If you know anyone involved with this group, give them a great big hug from Noah. They have agreed to pay almost $4,000 towards Noah’s new wheelchair. If you don’t know anyone, check them out on FB and leave them a message letting them know how much this is appreciated, and what it means to Noah! He will be able to stand up by himself in this chair 🙂 AMAZING!!!!!

All the hard work, endless hours and countless times sharing our mission with strangers…pays off on a day like today!

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