Bike Bonanza 2011


YV Vice President, Tim McCoy will be on TV4 at 9:00am tomorrow morning to talk about our 2nd Annual Bike Bonanza this Saturday at area HyVee stores…He will be interviewed by Variety’s Newest Friend…Stefan Chase! Such an exciting year for us to partner with the Kansas City, MO School district and use an empty school for for bike storage. Then Young Variety will give 2 bikes to each  elementary school to use as a good behavior reward.  We are also partnering with a high risk student population to have them volunteer and take some of the bikes to a workshop and learn how to rebuild and repair bikes to give them a life skill and keep them engaged and occupied.

What started out as a  thought has blossomed into a reward program for all! Thank you to everyone who has brought the missing pieces together, A huge thank you to Theresa at Blue Cross/ Blue Shield for offering to purchase helmet’s for each bike we give away

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