A “Special” Gift This Halloween

This Halloween, there’s no need to put on a silly costume or go knocking on doors. That’s because Variety Children’s Charity will be delivering its treat to Kansas City kids!
On Thursday, November 3rd, Variety Children’s Charity will be donating a new adaptive bicycle to students at Kansas State School for the Blind. There are about 50 kids enrolled on a daily basis at the school. The majority of these students will be able to enjoy the bike from Freedom Concepts. “Children with varying degrees of visual impairments, including the totally blind, will be able to use this bike safely due to the rear steering mechanism. In addition, the bike is able to be modified to fit all children with varying degrees of physical ability. Our students are gonna love their new bike!” says Christy Bowen with Kansas State School for the Blind.

Variety Children’s Charity is a volunteer based organization that’s dedicated to helping Kansas City kids with mobility issues. We raise money in creative and fun ways. Then we use that money to buy wheelchairs, adaptive bikes and tricycles, and walkers. Most of our kids’ families have insurance, but the expensive equipment they need to be a kid isn’t always covered.

Please join us as we help some very special Kansas City kids enjoy a bike ride!

Who: Variety Children’s Charity
What: We’re donating an adaptive bike to students at Kansas State School for the Blind
When: Thursday, November 3, at 9:00 am – 9:30 am
Where: Kansas State School for the Blind, 1100 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66210 , in the gym
Why: Because all kids deserve to have fun!
Parking: Park in the lot with the flag pole. Enter the main building (the one on your right as you enter that lot) and sign in at the principal’s office.

For more information, contact Variety’s Executive Director Deb Wiebrecht at 913.558.2309

P.O. Box 3446 | Shawnee, KS 66203 | (913) 558-2309 |