Volunteer Spotlight

This week’s Variety Volunteer Spotlight shines on Hannah. Through her passion for helping others, she has raised money for kids in need and spread the word about Variety of Greater Kansas City. Here’s Hannah to tell her story: Last year I raised $500 for Variety by lemonade stands, going door-to-door, and selling all my old Barbies and clothes that were super cute but sadly didn’t fit. So, this year I want to take the challenge to raise more money by doing another garage sale, more door-to-door, and try something new like a school fundraiser. Today, I went door to door with my friend Maddy, and we raised $57 in 30 houses, but in 1 of those houses was a girl — not any girl, a girl in a wheel chair with flowing and wavy blonde hair. I think it was her birthday the day before. Her dad was asking me about what the charity was called and what we were doing. So I explained to him the park in Independence that we would build, and he was willing to donate $15 for us. I love raising money for Variety because it makes me proud to think, “oh my gosh a 12 year old just raised 500 dollars” or “Wow, I feel like people want to help and also get that cute dress in the back of my closet.” At Variety you don’t only find people who care about kids with disabilities, but you make friends that are really just like you. I remember my first day I learned about Variety. My job was at Hy-Vee. I helped give Elijah an assessable bike, and his family told me that they all pumped up their bike tires so they could ride together. Then came the heart costume — I got to wear a big heart that’s cherry red — it was to attract attention, because how can you miss that? But raising money is what I like to do and I hope others will help too. -Hannah-

P.O. Box 3446 | Shawnee, KS 66203 | (913) 558-2309 |