80 Stories, 80 Days: Putting a Groove in Their Steps

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From Sara Hart:

I have been a Variety volunteer for over two years. Last year, I became more involved with the Variety Show’s talent search. As a result, I was invited on stage for the show’s finale and was paired up with a Variety child. The final number featured Drew Six singing his original song, “We Choose Livin'”, and the whole cast sang along and danced behind Drew. The boy that I was paired up with was hesitant about dancing and barely moved to the beat during rehearsal despite my coaxing. When it came time for the real thing, though, he finally caved in, started clapping and swaying along, and had a big smile on his face doing it. After the show, his mom found me and told me he hadn’t stopped talking about his “dance partner” and wanted to dance again.

During those 2.5 minutes, our Variety kids became the stars of the show. They danced, they smiled and they sang along. I may have helped put a smile on that child’s face but that memory will stay with me forever. These kids face challenges every day, and Variety makes it easier (and more fun) for them — putting smiles on their faces and maybe even a groove in their step.

Variety children and volunteers starring in the grand finale of the 2013 Variety Show

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