80 Stories, 80 Days: The Pinter Family Blessing

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Written by Kara Pinter:Blessed … the word that best describes our family. On June 8, 2007 we welcomed our third child into our family. Bryce arrived three weeks earlier than expected. He was quickly taken to the NICU. During his days in the NICU, doctors began to suspect that he had a form of skeletal dysplasia. The months following his birth were filled with many doctor’s appointments, question, and waves of emotions. We received Bryce’s “official” diagnosis of achondroplasia a few months after his birth.

Being a parent of a child with special needs was new to us. Along with the excitement of this precious new life, was the presence of numerous stressors: Dr. appointment’s, developmental delays, unanswered questions, therapy, trying to maintain some form of medical management, etc. We realized quickly that at times our journey was exhausting, and lonely.

As Bryce got older, one thing was apparent….he was a kid like every other kid. He just did things a little differently. Bryce REALLY wanted to ride a bike. We tried every solution we could think of to get a bike to “fit.” Bryce’s school suggested we contact Variety Children’s Charity. We did, and what we were met with was so much more than an organization that provides mobility equipment (although that is WONDERFUL). We were met with this incredible compassion and excitement about Bryce and his life.

Bryce was gifted a bike through Variety. What a blessing it has been. He loves being just like the other kids. We want you to know that this gift has been so much more than a bike, this gift has been a piece of hope. Hope in the form of compassion, encouragement, friendships and a sincere excitement about the lives of all Variety kids. When Variety enters the life of a family their journey is a little lighter. The gift of mobility is precious; the gift of hope is priceless.

We are all so very grateful! THANK you for investing in Bryce’s life. You have left footprints that will be foundational to his entire life. What a joy it has been to be a part of this tremendous organization. The Pinter’s, along with so many families, have been blessed by both the gifts and the hope that Variety so graciously gives.

With grateful hearts,

The Pinter Family

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