80 Stories, 80 Days: We Are a Family

This happy story is a part of our 80 Stories, 80 Days campaign. For every story we collect through this campaign, Unique Connect will make a donation directly to our organization, so please submit your story now.

From Danny O’Neill: 

Variety is one of the most special organizations that I am involved with. From their inspired and passionate leadership to the children so full of love and gratitude, it is a heartwarming and uplifting organization. I’ve never been involved with a group of more positive, happy and giving people in my life. They are fun, creative, giving and just wonderful people to hang around with. Some of my best friends and some of the most meaningful business relationships were born in working with the Variety family; and they are truly a family.


Danny O’Neill backstage with the dancers
at one of Variety’s biggest fundraisers –
the 2013 Variety Show

Through our 80 Stories, 80 Days campaign, we are asking all of you who have been touched by our organization in any way to share your story and help us gain more support for Kansas City children with developmental disabilities.

Unique Connect will donate directly to us for every story we collect through this campaign, so please submit your story now 

Looking for another way to support Variety? Get your tickets for our biggest fundraiser of the year – the 2014 Variety Show starring Sinbad. 

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