80 Stories, 80 Days: Tally Inc. Helps Variety Help Children

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Written by Allison Mills:

During the 2013 holiday season, all ten of the Talley, Inc. branch offices were notified that they each were allotted a particular amount of money to give to and get involved with their favorite charities in their community. A committee was formed in our Kansas City office and we came up with four different organizations to help. Variety KC was one that touched our hearts as this organization helped one of our own employees just a few weeks prior to this time. Along with the sponsorship of Pepsi, they presented a special needs bike to a well deserved young man. We contacted Deb Wiebrecht to let her know of our wish and set up a time for her to come to our office to receive our donation. We made a video for our corporate office showing our intentions to share our allocated monies and after the presentation was approved, we were pleasantly surprised that each branch was awarded an extra $1000.00. We all voted and decided that Variety KC would receive the extra $1000 as well as the initial $750.00 we had allocated. This was kept a secret until the day the donation was actually made.

On that day, Deb was unable to meet with us, but we had the pleasure of meeting one of the great volunteers, Shannon Oleen. Shannon came to our office like a trooper with weather conditions not being the greatest that day, and being just a few days before Christmas. We had the pleasure of taking pictures with her and gave her the surprise news of the extra $1000.00.

Variety KC is such as great organization and we feel honored to have been able to help them provide for other children in our Kansas City community.

Through our 80 Stories, 80 Days campaign, we are asking all of you who have been touched by our organization in any way to share your story and help us gain more support for Kansas City children with developmental disabilities.

Unique Connect will donate directly to us for every story we collect through this campaign, so please submit your story now

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