80 Stories, 80 Days: The Thrill of a New Bike and Newfound Independence

This wonderful story is a part of our 80 Stories, 80 Days campaign. For every story we collect through this campaign, Unique Connect will make a donation directly to our organization, so please submit your story now.   

From Christian Cox:

Talking to Deb for the very first time! Her desire to help these children was so infectious … she just loves the kids! Being involved with the building of a new bike for a little girl opened my eyes to how fantastic, and important, the independence and thrill of a new bike can be to a child with special needs.

Through our 80 Stories, 80 Days campaign, we are asking all of you who have been touched by our organization in any way to share your story and help us gain more support for Kansas City children with developmental disabilities.

Unique Connect will donate directly to us for every story we collect through this campaign, so please submit your story now.  

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