Teen Variety kids helping kids!


Thad’s class is working on a project called “Genius Hour” in which they create a project to give back to others. He along with his friend Chase are creating a project to raise funds for Variety Children’s Charity. I had to share this email because it shows Thad’s genuine heart.

Dear Chase,
For our Genius hour project I talked to my mom about it and she thinks it is a great idea! We have been planing this for a long time, because when she was at the conferences Mrs. Powell told her that we were going to do Genius hour and that we could do anything for it, so I want to make this really BIG for Catie. We are going to raise as much money for this as possible. I was hoping to get the money after every weekend, because my mom then will give it to the owner of variety. I want to help out in anyway with variety and I bet you do to. And as much as this is important to me I bet it’s just as important to you. I know that this is going to be good for us and for Catie and that I will do anything to make this a success, and I know that you will to. I hope I don’t stress you out with the project and I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for all your help and I hope this turns out to be a success!!!!



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