Meet the Kids: Abigail

abigailWhen you were about 11 years old, what did summer vacation mean to you? Did it mean freedom – you and your friends, riding bikes all over the neighborhood? Staying out until dusk, riding around until your parents yelled for you? Riding a bike is pretty much a childhood benchmark, a shared history…..but not for every child.

Meet Abigail, an 11 year old spark plug. Abigail has Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t define her. She is a loving, playful child that treats everyone as a friend. When she was little Abi had a bike with training wheels, but she has since outgrown it. Abigail needs an adaptive bike for balance because even the slightest bump can cause a fall. Still, if you ask Abi, she’ll tell you how she wants ride all over the place, all the time…just like every other child. Variety’s generous supporters and partners have made her wish come true. Still, there are so many other children like Abigail. If you would like to help get other kids riding, contact us for information.


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