Meet the Kids: Ryan


Ryan is the definition of strength.  Born three months early, Ryan has epilepsy, blindness pervasive developmental disorder and autism. He is now 13 years old and attends the Kansas State School for the blind. He has a great sense of humor and is known as a jokester, his favorite trick on family bike rides is to kick off his shoes so the others have to find them.  A very bright young man; Ryan loves music, spelling, swinging and bike riding.

Recently he outgrew the WeeHoo that allowed him to join his family on bike rides (a pedal trailer attached to the back of his mom’s bike). What he needs and wants is a Buddy Bike, a tandem style bicycle that would allow him to get the exercise he needs and loves. The adaptive Buddy Bike allows Ryan to ride in front while the steering is controlled in back. The Buddy Bike is specially designed for safety and transport, important for riders with special needs. As beneficial as it is to for the rider’s health, it is not covered by insurance and it is beyond the family’s means.

Variety KC doesn’t want to see any child left out – and wants all kids to be active, be social and belong. Through your help, Ryan will hit the bike trails again!

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