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Meet the Kids: Mia

There aren’t words to express how grateful we are!  Variety volunteers and donors have the biggest hearts in the world.  Thanks to them, Mia has places to go!  Watch this to see how Variety has helped Mia with her walking goals.

Meet the Kids: Amelia

IMG_7638Three year old Amelia is one lucky little girl. She is surrounded by loving parents and supportive grandparents who have moved in to help with Amelia’s care while her parents work. Amelia has developmental delays, hypotonia and hypertonia. As a result, Amelia would greatly benefit from activity and exercise to increase the range of motion in her muscles.

Her request for an adaptive bike comes at an early age, meaning she won’t spend years sitting inside while her family and friends play outside.  Her bike will give her strength, confidence, independence and the ability to interact with neighborhood children in a shared activity – bike riding.  Variety KC thanks you for your support in making all of this possible for Amelia.

Meet the Kids: Madeline

Madeline and MeJust look at this little cutie!  Baby Madeline was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly secondary to Torticollis and right shoulder dystocia.   A very long diagnosis for such a tiny girl.  Her doctors said she needed a helmet and time was of essence.  The $2,200 price tag was too much for a family who just recently lost employment.  Variety supporters stepped in and provided the helmet Madeline needed and the support her parents will never forget.

Meet the Kids: Cecelia

Thanks to the generosity of Variety donors and Community partners, Cecelia gets a stander, (and she needs it to stand up to her little brother) watch and you’ll see why!  What a great feeling to be able to say you helped a little girl get on her feet!  Find out more about how you can help –

Meet the Kids: Leighton

leightonLeighton was a healthy two year old when both she and her best friend (also two) were diagnosed with HUS.   She lost her best buddy – and now at age three has suffered hundreds of basil ganglia strokes.  Leighton is totally reliant on others.  She is unable to hold her head up alone and is just beginning to communicate through an eye gazing system.  Still, her family can tell that she knows the abilities she has lost and wants to participate actively again.

Donations from Variety donors and Community partners can give a child like Leighton the gift of an adaptive bike.  These bicycles allow children with special needs the opportunity to ride with family and friends, get much needed strength building activity, and in Leighton’s case – regain part of the life she has been missing.

Meet the Kids: Elijah

elijahSay hello to Elijah – this 13 year old is going places!   Elijah  has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy,  a progressive illness that results in his body’s inability to make muscles. Cancer took away part of his eyesight when he was 12 months old. But that doesn’t stop him!  He is fully dependent on his power wheelchair and makes the most of that source of mobility at home.


The problem is, he can’t leave the home and take his power wheelchair with him.  He would truly benefit from being able to move about the community and enjoy inclusive activities with his peers.  His family needed a used van that is side entry accessible.  Function – not fancy.  Life changing Variety donors stepped in and helped Elijah’s family.  Now it is possible to easily get him to medical appointments and opportunities to interact with his family, friends and community.

Meet the Kids: Ryan

Did you know that the inability to communicate results in anger, depression, frustration?   For families with a child with multiple special needs it is even more difficult.    – Click here to see the his Variety ipad helps Ryan find his voice, and find out how you can help more children like Ryan!

Meet the Kids: Bryson

img_2989At age 12, Bryson is a force to be reckoned with.  Dravet Syndrome has challenged him with behavioral and developmental delays, movement and speech issues, orthopedic conditions, delayed language and speech, growth and nutrition issues, sleeping difficulties, chronic infections and sensory integration disorders. And none of this has stopped him!  The only thing stopping him from remaining active with his peers is the equipment to do so!   Through Variety friends, Bryson is now the owner of a Rifton Adaptive Tricycle – now he is a common sight pedaling around all three wings of his school, with friends and in the community.   Give the gift of an adaptive bike and you give a child like Bryson, wings!

Meet the Kids: Bailey

img_5455Two year old Bailey is a happy park loving girl!  Diagnosed with Mosaic Trisomy 13, she has endured multiple surgeries in her short life. A late walker, Bailey has one foot that drags and would greatly benefit from Sure Step SMO braces. Her parents are terrific advocates for Bailey, with tremendous hopes for her future.  A future, that thanks to Variety donors, she is tackling one step at a time!




Meet the Kids: Layna

IMG_2004Layna is nearly six years old with a mind of her own!  Diagnosed with cerebral palsy and global ischemia, she has two distinct needs.  One is positioning and support; this will increase movement and thus, alertness. Next, a method of communication.


With an iPad and mounting system – Layna will be able to communicate with others at her school and with her family at home. With communication comes more independence and that is exactly what Layna needs and wants. Your generosity can help Layna learn and grow!

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