Meet the Kids: Andrew


img_20150318_091705Little Andrew Wammack is one happy baby!   He has a loving family, parents with strong faith, a big sister who likes to hold him, a very protective big brother, and a bouncy swing that he adores!


He also has Sagittal Craniosynotosis. In short, his skull fused too early, requiring a lot of medical intervention and a special helmet to wear as he heals.  The cost of this helmet is almost $4,000 and as his mother points out, it isn’t one of those items you have time to save up for. Andrew needs that helmet now!


Variety is there for kids in emergency situations too!  A therapist at Children’s Mercy contacted Variety about Andrew and through generous Variety donors: Variety was able to get Andrew’s helmet to him before any more critical time passed.  Because of this helmet, and attentive medical care, Andrew can grow safely until he no longer needs it. 


If you would like to be one of the donors who make it possible for Variety to help kids FAST, when they need it, contact



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