Meet the Kids: Charlotte

charlotteRead Charlotte’s story in her mother’s own words:

“Charlotte is a precious typical two year child that just happens to come with physical and cognitive delays. She is very happy and social and loves to be where the action is, but unfortunately unless she is rolling or slowly army crawling she is unable to get there. She has a 1 year old brother who just started walking. Watching Charlotte watch him, is both precious and heart breaking. When I was told about the Go Baby Go program, and that it may be a possibility for our girl, tears came to my eyes. My husband and I so badly want for her to experience the typical pleasures that all toddlers get to experience. She may not be able to climb and run or even sit up in a regular power car but I believe that the Go Baby Go car may be the perfect way for her to be as typical a toddler as possible. Thank you so much for what you do and considering us.”

Let’s get Charlotte behind the wheel! Contact

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