Meet the Kids: Cillian

cillianCillian Bright was born at 33 weeks and diagnosed with severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy soon after birth, and was not expected to survive that first night. Thankfully he did—this kid has been defying odds since the *minute* of his birth!! Cillian has an older brother (Finnegan) and an older sister (Ruby)…Cillians adores them, and they adore & fiercely protect him. Since Cillian is not able to walk, stand, or talk, he gets frustrated when he can’t get their attention and keep up with them. A ride-on car would make it so much easier for Cillian to participate and play with them! It would foster a sense of independence, and *hopefully* lower some of the frustration that comes with Cillian’s limited physical abilities. Mr. Bright Eyes works so, so, so hard every day to achieve what comes easily to others. Despite all of this, Cillian lives up to his middle name (Bright), and is a sunny, smiley, HAPPY boy. We humbly ask you to consider gifting a ride-on car to Cillian in hopes to bring an even bigger smile to his face. How can we say no? Help put a smile on Cillian’s face –

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