Meet the Kids: Marissa

Marissa C

Young Marissa is a twin, she and her sister were born at just 31 weeks. As a result, Marissa has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, dystonia, central hypotonia, global developmental delay, cortical visual impairment with optic atrophy, esotropia, g-tube dependent, seizure disorder, neuromuscular scoliosis and restrictive lung disease. All that – and when she is taken out in her wheelchair, she simply beams! As she gets older, it’s harder to transfer her in and out of the family vehicle. It’s not safe for either Marissa or her parents that care for her. Her doctor pointed out the importance of being able to get Marissa to both school and community interactions. That’s exactly what Variety wants to do! Take a look again at Marissa’s diagnosis – and if you are as impressed as we are with the strength of this young lady, contact us through


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