Meet the Kids: Elijah


This is a situation that we hear all too often. 17-year-old Elijah has outgrown his wheelchair, which after four years was breaking down and the family was told it can’t be repaired and restored to hold him. Insurance won’t cover a new one for another year, leaving Elijah immobile and homebound. A rental is filling in, but that cost mounts as well. This isn’t a “want,” for Elijah, whose rare condition of sacral agenesis means his spine quit growing and is absent after L2, this is a dire need!  Still, if you ask Elijah what he would change about his condition, he says “nothing!” He likes overcoming obstacles.  A new wheelchair is one less obstacle Elijah has to deal with, generous Variety supporters saw to that!  Help Variety cover the basic needs for children with special needs, visit

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