Meet the Kids: Simone


“Okay Simone, let’s see if there is anything you can do here.” After 13 years in a wheelchair, Simone’s mom explains that they constantly struggle in a world built for ambulatory people. Simone and her twin were born at 24 weeks, a brain bleed resulted in conditions that leave Simone immobile.  She is outgoing, loving, and has a wonderful spirit – but as she ages, it gets more and more difficult for her caregivers to lift her in and out of vehicles. Dangerous too.  The family van needed to be adapted and Simone needed a valet seat in that van.  Generous Variety donors came through once again!  It isn’t always exciting to donate for a child’s needs rather than a wish or want – but it is life-changing, and in some cases, life-saving. Help us to help other kids like Simone, visit

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