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Meet the Kids: Connor


Connor is an adorable 3-year-old who has been diagnosed with Autism. At this time he is non-verbal; but he is trying so hard. His family can’t understand the few sounds he makes and that frustrates him. His older brother also has Autism, but he is verbal. Their mother explains how much more difficult it is when a child can’t communicate. She worries that he can’t tell them when his stomach aches or when he is thirsty, or even sad. An iPad and apps could change all that and they are especially helpful when started at a young age. Variety KC’s generous supporters believe every child should have a voice – and Connor is getting his! Help us to find a way for other kids like Connor to Be Active, Be Social…BE VOCAL, and Belong. Donate today at

Meet the Kids: Anthony


Anthony has seen so many speech therapists and finally his family was given a name for the condition that makes him unable to speak, Apraxia. He is a little boy with so much to say and is terribly frustrated that nobody understands what he wants and needs. Recently, he started working on an iPad at school. He took to it right away and is so excited that he can communicate at school. The iPad has to stay at school, so what Anthony needs is an iPad at home – but it is too much for the family at this time. Variety KC believes every child should have a voice and Anthony’s family is looking forward to finally being able to communicate with him. There are so many kids like Anthony; only an iPad away from communicating. Help give another child a voice, donate today at!

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