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Meet the Kids: Brenton

The Necessity of Mobility Equipment for a Growing Child with Disabilities Brenton has Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Delay, but that doesn’t define him! No, eight-year-old Brenton has way too much going on! For one thing, he and his sister were adopted...

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Meet the Kids: Leo

The Neighborhood Charmer Five-year-old Leo’s Mom describes him like this: “Leo wakes up and goes to bed with a smile!” Can anyone really ask for more than that? He has a very full life, he plays with his brothers, lives to dance to Latin music or music from...

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Meet the Kids: JD

The Need for Inclusion and Physical Activity JD was born with spinal bifida, making it difficult to keep up with his two older sisters. Variety partners wanted to give him a boost, and during the recent Variety KC radiothon for adaptive bikes, JD received an adaptive...

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Meet the Kids: Ethan

The Benefits of an Adaptive Bike Ethan's multiple physical limitations make it dangerous to ride a traditional bicycle, but his therapist knows just how much he would benefit from the physical activity associated with riding an adaptive bike. She wrote Variety KC to...

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Meet the Kids: Lindy

Adaptive Bike helps with Motor Skills During our recent radiothon for adaptive bikes, Variety KC heard of so many deserving kids with special needs who could benefit from a bike. Lindy is one of those kids. She's a social active toddler who experienced an adaptive...

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Meet the Kids: Bruce

The Challenge: Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Delays Bruce has cerebral palsy and developmental delays. Everyday tasks that we take for granted, like getting dressed or bathing, have been a terrific challenge for him. Still, he tackles every task with a smile on his...

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Meet the Kids: Pholet

Strengthening - The Importance of an Adaptive Bike The therapists at Ability KC wrote to Variety KC to tell us about a young woman named Pholet. For distances further than 400 feet, Pholet uses a wheelchair. She recently went through surgery and is in physical therapy...

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Meet the Kids: Natalya

The Challenge: Early stroke and body weakness Natalya survived a stroke at the age of two weeks and now she has weakness on the right side of her body. She's a bright and social little girl who just wants to keep up with her peers! Natalya received her bike because of...

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Meet the Kids: Gabe

The Hardships of Living with Physical Limitations Gabe has so many physical limitations, but is smart as a whip and very socially and mentally aware. His physical limitations restrict activities and he spends too much of his time as an observer. An adaptive bike would...

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Meet the Kids: Rebecca

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Little Rebecca is a 3-year old from a nearby Amish community. She faces a number of physical conditions and challenges, but a neighbor had heard about Variety KC and reached out for Rebecca and her family. Being an inclusive organization,...

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Meet the Kids: Megan

The Challenge: Visual Impairment Little Megan is a go-getter, the problem is - Megan has a visual impairment that doesn't allow her to see beyond three feet. This can result in a number of safety issues and potential for harm. Variety KC was able to fix Megan up a...

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Meet the Kids: Dominique

Autism & The Positive Impact of Technology Just look at this photo of Dominique on his first day of school!  He is a young guy full of promise and yet struggles with some of the challenges of being on the autism spectrum. His teachers noticed a behavioral change and...

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