Thank You Note

I just wanted to take a moment to let you and everyone involved, to know how much all of this means to my family and I. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels just to know that Bridget will soon be able to ride a bike around the neighborhood with her friends, cousins, and Mom and Dad. It is something that we once believed would never be possible but thanks to people, such as yourselves, dreams do indeed come true. We cannot put into words just how wonderful and amazing this all has made us feel. I am truly at a loss for words and I can honestly say that doesn’t happen often at all!

I have always considered Bridget an angel from heaven who has just been separated from her wings here on earth. What you all have done has put her a step closer to flying. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and God keep and bless you all!

All our Love & Gratitude,

Darrell, Christina & Bridget

A Triple Threat!

I’m declaring a triple threat!

Hello Readers, it’s your dear friend Leslie with an update to our February 2012 Variety Show. Have you purchased your tickets?

Oh, don’t lie to me. I know you haven’t… since they’re not available yet. At least tell me you’ve circled the date on your calendar.

This morning I had a meeting with our Variety Show’s Artistic Directors. (If they… or executive director Deb Wiebrecht… are reading this I want to apologize for being late. I had all intentions of being on time. Really. But babies. Well, one baby, can change everything).

Anywho… I am declaring Michael Grayman and Andrew Parkhurst our triple threat. Usually that would mean they can act, sing and dance (which they can)… but today I was struck by three other aspects of the duo. They’re TALENTED, GENEROUS, and CARING. The men recently started one of Kansas City’s most exciting theatre companies– Spinning Tree Theatre– and both have a long list of professional theatre credits. And I have to say… they make me laugh (which, as the CEO of the imaginary fortune 500 company– Leslie Inc.– is a must on all job applications!).

This morning we went over some show concepts. Right now we’re focused on getting some of Kansas City’s best known citizens to take the stage in February. But I have to say I already feel like our cast of behind-the-scenes volunteers and talent is deserves a standing ovation.

Cheers, Leslie

See for yourself….