Variety Spotlight Shines on Drew Six

Variety the Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City is excited to celebrate the song release of Drew Six’s newest recording, We Choose Livin, this Thursday at Haus in Martini Corner. He originally wrote the song for the kids of Variety, and then performed it with our Danielle Coulter at the 2012 Variety Show. After the show, Drew traveled to Nashville where he rerecorded the song with country music artist Sarah Allison Turner. His music journey can be seen here at Drew Six TV.


Variety would like to extend an invite to all our friends, family, volunteers, and music enthusiasts to join us this Thursday, October 25th, from 5-6 p.m. at Haus in Martini Corner to hear Drew  sing the song live, get his autograph, and purchase a copy of the song. Drew Six will graciously donate all proceeds of the downloaded song to Variety! The song dropped today on iTunes, so we’re encouraging everyone to check it out. Thanks, Drew!

Family Spotlight

Variety the Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City is dedicated to making differences in the lives of kids and their families. Today’s Variety Family Spotlight shines on Lucy and her mom, Jill Cook. Here is a heartwarming update on Lucy’s progress: 

Since Lucy is the youngest of four children I really wasn’t concerned about the fact that she wasn’t walking – really wasn’t even pulling up to stand on her own – until she reached eighteen months. That’s when I contacted Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County. After her initial evaluation we were assigned one of their wonderful physical therapists who began working with us on a regular basis immediately. Lucy’s therapist soon concluded that orthotics were necessary to correct and help strengthen the lack of muscle tone in her little legs. Unfortunately the type of orthotics Lucy requires are very costly, and though we have insurance we were responsible to pay for them in full. Lucy is a very strong-willed child, and I truly believed that her refusal to even try to walk was a choice. She found a way to get around on her knees quite well, and she has three big brothers to help her reach anything she might want. Imagine my shock and amazement when Lucy stood up and walked around our coffee table the very first day she wore her orthotics! Her very first steps on the very first day of wearing them!! It was as if she had been wanting to stand up and walk all this time but simply couldn’t. I don’t think I stopped smiling the rest of that day. I am so proud of the progress she continues to make, and I finally have hope that she might be walking close to her second birthday! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Variety KC’s generous gift that will empower my daughter to walk. Sincerely, Jill Cook (Proud mother of an almost-walker)

Variety is so proud of Lucy and the progress she has made. With the help of warm hearted volunteers and generous donors like yourself, we will continue to make miracles happen. Click here
for information on how to help Variety children and their families.


Variety the Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City would like to congratulate our friend, Nick Taylor, on winning the 2011-2012 USOC Paralympic Team of the Year

with his teammate David Wagner. On September 21st, they were honored at the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Assembly dinner along with Olympians Allyson Felix (Track & Field), Michael Phelps (Swimming), the U.S. Women’s Eight Rowing Team, and Paralympians Raymond Martin (Track & Field), and Jessica Long (Swimming). The honor comes after their third consecutive Quad Doubles gold medal at the 2012 Paralympics Games in London. Nick and David are the first Quad tennis players to receive this designation since the award’s creation in 2009 for the Paralympic Games. The team has worked incredibly hard and we are so proud of their dedication and commitment to the sport of wheelchair tennis.

Volunteer Spotlight

This week’s Variety Volunteer Spotlight shines on Hannah. Through her passion for helping others, she has raised money for kids in need and spread the word about Variety of Greater Kansas City. Here’s Hannah to tell her story: Last year I raised $500 for Variety by lemonade stands, going door-to-door, and selling all my old Barbies and clothes that were super cute but sadly didn’t fit. So, this year I want to take the challenge to raise more money by doing another garage sale, more door-to-door, and try something new like a school fundraiser. Today, I went door to door with my friend Maddy, and we raised $57 in 30 houses, but in 1 of those houses was a girl — not any girl, a girl in a wheel chair with flowing and wavy blonde hair. I think it was her birthday the day before. Her dad was asking me about what the charity was called and what we were doing. So I explained to him the park in Independence that we would build, and he was willing to donate $15 for us. I love raising money for Variety because it makes me proud to think, “oh my gosh a 12 year old just raised 500 dollars” or “Wow, I feel like people want to help and also get that cute dress in the back of my closet.” At Variety you don’t only find people who care about kids with disabilities, but you make friends that are really just like you. I remember my first day I learned about Variety. My job was at Hy-Vee. I helped give Elijah an assessable bike, and his family told me that they all pumped up their bike tires so they could ride together. Then came the heart costume — I got to wear a big heart that’s cherry red — it was to attract attention, because how can you miss that? But raising money is what I like to do and I hope others will help too. -Hannah-