Meet the Kids: Kylee

Kylee editCan you imagine if you were thirsty or in pain and could not tell someone? Could not get help or relief? The daily frustration of being or having a non-verbal child can be very stressful. And it is a quick fix! Ten-year-old Kylee just needs an $80 app to help her communicate – but $80 to a single mother of two might as well be eight thousand. Variety’s generous supporters get that! And they made sure Kylee got that app, and with it, the ability to communicate with her mother, brother and caregivers. The happiness app…because that’s what it brought to Kylee’s life!

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Meet the Kids: Aayush

Aayush editFive-year-old Aayush has severe developmental delays and low muscle tone. It is a difficult cycle – he needs exercise to get stronger, but it is hard to find safe ways to exercise. One way is an adaptive tricycle. He tried one out at school and loves it. Having one at home not only gives him more chances to be active and gain strength; it gives him inclusion – inclusion and pride of riding around the neighborhood with the other kids.  

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Meet the Kids: Torry

Torry editYoung Torry is autistic and non-verbal. The frustration of not being able to communicate has led to behaviors such as head banging and biting. Working with an iPad and appropriate apps, Torry is now communicating at school. And guess what? Less negative behaviors! Now Torry needs an iPad at home so he can be a successful communicator there, too! What a change it would make in both his life and his family’s. Variety is all about changing things for the better!

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Meet the Kids: Liam

Liam edit

Liam is both non-mobile and non-verbal, but clearly loves to be included in all life has to offer. The gift of an iPad would open up the world of communication for Liam. It would enhance his family life, make it possible to achieve more in therapy…and make life’s everyday challenges just a bit easier.

Variety helps kids like Liam to be included through mobility aids, communication assistance and inclusive opportunities.

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