Meet the Kids: Jaivynn


Jaivynn is a toddler with autism, speech delay and global development delay. Because he can’t communicate his wants and needs, he gets frustrated and sometimes aggressive. On a positive note, he is beginning to try to imitate people and songs from television. His therapists think it would be beneficial to start on an alternative way to communicate while he also works on talking. Jaivynn is being raised by a single mom with two small children, and the device he needs is beyond his her means. Health insurance won’t cover the cost either. But that doesn’t mean little Jaivynn goes without! Generous Variety donors have made it possible to give him a voice—and you can help other children have the same power of communication. Find out how at


Meet the Kids: Savannah


The exciting news is that schools are beginning to truly understand how important iPads and communication devices are for non-verbal children and children with Autism or special needs. The difficult part is that sometimes the equipment isn’t what a particular student needs, or the program isn’t updated. When a child like 15-year-old Savannah only has access to an iPad at school, this can cause a breakdown in communication between school and home or school and therapy. The best outcome would be a personal iPad that travels with the child and that’s what Variety wanted for Savannah. Variety partners, donors and volunteers have worked hard and given generously to make sure that children like Savannah have a voice—24/7. You can help give a child the gift of communication too! Just visit


Meet the Kids: Liam (aka Buddy)


Liam, aka Buddy, was only six months old when a rare brain tumor caused a life-threatening seizure. Now at age four, he has been through chemo, multiple surgeries and treatments, is visually impaired and suffers from multiple epileptic seizures daily. He is partially paralyzed and totally dependent on others for mobility. There is hope that Buddy will walk one day, but weight-bearing exercise is critical. A gait trainer would provide both mobility and strengthening, but he needed daily access. Having a child with special needs is unbelievably expensive and a gait trainer is not covered by insurance. Buddy’s extended family pulled together to help with finances, but Variety donors didn’t want Buddy to wait any longer for this badly needed device.  He is an amazing little boy and we can’t wait to see him up on his feet! Could you help a child like Buddy? Contact today!


Meet the Kids: Finley


Finley is six years old and is one of five children. It’s hard enough to be “heard” in a large family, but Finley also has apraxia, making it difficult to communicate. When he does speak, it can be very difficult to understand. Variety understands! And now Finley has an iPad of his own, with special apps to help him communicate and avoid frustrating episodes at home and school. When Variety supporters chipped in to give Finley his iPad, they gave so much more than an electronic device—they gave him a voice.  Help another child find his or her voice and visit today!