Meet the Kids: Xavier


Put yourself in six-year-old Xavier’s shoes. As a toddler he did not speak as much as his sister, but he was verbal. At age three that stopped. It took time for an Autism diagnosis and he lost out on some early therapy, but he is working hard each day. His frustration sometimes leads to aggression, understandably so. With an iPad and apps, Xavier will have a way to communicate again. Variety donors provided him with the tools he needed to find his “voice.” Can there be any greater gift? Please join us in helping Variety kids like Xavier! Visit

Meet the Kids: Carly


Carly squeezes the most out of life. On the severe side of the autism spectrum, she needs help with daily care and is mostly non-verbal – she is also unstoppable! Carly likes swimming, inline skating, taking walks and investigating her world. Last year her father passed away unexpectedly, making some expenses beyond reach. Variety learned that active Carly was enjoying the large adaptive bike at school and knew that having one at home would give her not only enjoyment, but important physical activity. So here you go Carly! You are off to the races with a bike of your own, thanks to generous Variety partners. Join us in making sure every kid has a chance to Be Active, Be Social, and Belong!

Meet the Kids: Mason


Mason has a complex condition that leaves him relying on assistance for daily living. He has a power wheelchair that enables him to get around and get to school via the bus with a lift.  His family van doesn’t have such a lift, limiting Mason’s opportunities to get out in the community; to watch his sister play soccer, go to the grocery store, or visit family.  Even in today’s increasingly inclusive world, if you can’t get out of the house – how can you experience it? Variety provided a lift for Mason and his family, so Mason can now get out and Be Active, Be Social, and Belong.  Help us to help all kids do the same, donate at