Meet the Kids: Zack


Twelve-year-old Zack is wheelchair dependent and nearly the same size as his single parent mother, his sole caregiver. His list of conditions and surgeries is long and you would wonder how he remains so happy and positive! His spinal surgery last August makes a power wheelchair necessary, but the family has no way to transport Zack safely in his chair. As a result, he has been housebound for nearly a year…all for lack of a Van Ramp. When Variety partners heard that, they opened their hearts and check books – and now Zack will have the ramp he so badly needs to get out and interact with his community again. Please help us to help other children like Zack, visit

Meet the Kids: Benjamin


Benjamin is an explorer! Going on four, he is eager to be out and about, exploring his world and learning all he can. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia, Benjamin needs AFO Braces to support him as he navigates his world. A Variety KC’s Kids on the Go grant will ensure that Benjamin continues on his adventures, gets the beneficial physical activity he needs, and has a way to get out and interact with friends. Help us make this possible for all kids with special needs, visit

Meet the Kids: Lexi


Lexi is a beautiful happy six year-old girl who was born healthy, but contracted meningitis as an infant and is diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.
Her mother, a single parent, keeps Lexi active, interested, social and engaged. As Lexi grows it is becoming more and more difficult to a safely transport her. They need help in getting their vehicle modified for Lexi’s wheelchair. While raising Lexi, her mom also completed her college degree, the two of them are a determined force to reckon with! Variety stepped in to help this little family who is working so hard themselves….and Lexi will get the van lift they so desperately need. The next time you easily jump in the car and take off, think of Lexi and others like her, who have no safe way to get where they are going. To volunteer or donate to Variety, please visit


Meet the Kids: Jake


Jake is a resourceful young man that communicates by taking someone over to an item he wants or needs. Jake uses an iPad at school, with core words like “I want” or “yes and no.” There are also words relevant to his life and surroundings like “lounge” and “sour patch kids.” He is picking up vocabulary rapidly and having an iPad at home would help his overall progress and lessen the difficulty in communication. Variety supporters made an iPad possible for Jake – and earned a giant “Thank You!” Just a simple tool stands between a non-verbal child and a voice, won’t you help us help more kids like Jake? Email us at