Meet the Kids: Jackson

Meet the Kids: Jackson

Giving Non Verbal Children a Voice

Jackson is just a toddler, but he loves technology. Even though Jackson is non-verbal, and hasn’t learned sign language, he has learned to make requests through a picture exchange system. His therapists recognized that an iPad and apps have great potential for Jackson. Through his iPad he will be able to communicate his wants and needs, respond to teachers, and “talk” to family and friends. Variety KC gives children like Jackson a voice. And through communication comes inclusion! Help us make sure all kids can Be Active, Be Social, and Belong. Visit us at

Meet the Kids: Aidan

Meet the Kids: Aidan

Communication Devices as Lifeline

Aiden is a 14-year-old young man right here in our area. In fact, all kids served by Variety KC are your neighbors, fellow community members, and friends. Aiden’s diagnosis is severe autism with seizures, he is non-verbal. When Aiden’s healthcare provider approached Variety for an iPad to help him communicate, she actually requested “a lifeline,” because that’s exactly what it is! A way for Aiden to engage more fully in life.  Of course Variety will help…and we invite you to join us. Getting involved with Variety just may be a lifeline for you too. Visit

Meet the Kids: Anthony


Six-year-old Anthony can understand more than he can express. He can even repeat some of what you say to him, but can’t initiate a response. Can you imagine the frustration? Variety can…and that’s why Anthony is receiving an iPad with TouchChat app to help him communicate at school, at home, and with friends. It is life-changing and you can be part of that change! Visit today!

Meet the Kids: Layna


Sometimes Variety receives really time-sensitive or emergency requests. Maybe it is a helmet for shaping the head of an infant and weeks matter. Or, maybe it is like Layna’s situation, where the family is lacking a safe way to transport her.  When it comes to acting fast, Variety has amazing community partners who also step in, like the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. Together we funded a van modification so that Layna could travel securely and have a chance to experience more in life! To become a Variety KC partner, contact us through

Meet the Kids: Izabella


Five-year-old Izabella lives with her grandmother and uncle who do the best they can to help her progress in school despite a diagnosis of autism. Izabella’s teachers and therapists suggest an iPad to help with 24/7 communication and alleviate some of the frustration that some times leads to biting. She uses an iPad and apps at school and is making great gains.  Keep it up Izabella!  Variety KC has an iPad for you. Doesn’t every child deserve a voice? Help us make that possible, visit