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From Heath Burch: 

As a board member my affinity for Variety has been clear for a while, but it was the reaction of a group of people being introduced to Variety that has recently been an inspiration to me that I won’t soon forget.

In November a new business I am partnered in decided to participate in No Shave November and raise money for a worthwhile cause. In discussing who we might partner with I of course suggested Variety, and the group decided that among the numerous great options Variety was the obvious choice.

As of November 1st exactly one other person involved in the effort had heard of Variety, by the end of the month we had over 30 people who had actively raised money for Variety and around 100 people who attended an end of the month event to celebrate the success of the event.

All fundraising efforts are relative, but I was amazed at the effort and success of a group of people coming together (many who had only even known each other for 30-60 days) to raise money so passionately for something they had not even known about a month ago. It all lead to two adaptive bikes being purchased for some great kids, and a whole band of people becoming passionate fans of Variety, becoming new advocates for the amazing things Variety does!

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