Rose is a young woman with a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos, a genetic connective tissue condition. The recent inability to walk or even sit up unassisted is such a dramatic decline from Rose’s previous level and this is forcing her family to make some necessary changes, and they need some help.
Their goal is  to get Rose home from rehab, focus on getting her to the next stage of her medical care, and get her back to having the best life she can have. The most pressing need is to get an accessible van to get Rose home from rehab and possibly to travel out of state to see specialists who may be able to help her. We need something reliable and reasonably comfortable. Rose’s mom has the same genetic condition as Rose and is somewhat limited in her physical abilities. Her dad will be her primary care giver and recently resigned from his position as a social services director at a skilled nursing facility in order to provide care. They need a van which will allow Rose’s mom to assist her as well, this includes features such as power ramps and power latches to secure the wheelchair.

Rose has always been very active in volunteering and even won an award for being one of the students in her whole middle school with the most volunteer hours. Rose has worked with the YMCA challenger special needs sports program for years. Rose has been very active with Youth Volunteer Corps, a city-wide organization for teens to complete service projects in many aspects of need. Rose was selected to be on the advisory board for the Youth Volunteer Corps for the third year in a row. Her favorite volunteer activities involve assisting those that are disabled, children and the elderly. Rose’s story is complicated and difficult. However Rose is a tremendously positive and hopeful person. She knows she will continue to make a positive impact on the world. She is determined to get better and envisions a life one day in profession where she helps people and plans to have a family of her own. While we will continue our journey to get answers, we aren’t waiting for the future for Rose to begin living her best life.

Variety KC partners and donors understand that transportation is the key to getting consistent care and social opportunities.  Won’t you join us in making this need a reality for Rose and her family? Help Rose to pursue her best life and dream of helping others, donate today at