Can you imagine being so frustrated that you hit yourself? Alyssa is non-verbal and as a result, she can’t communicate what she wants or what she needs – so she lashes out at herself because she doesn’t know what else to do.

Alyssa is a stroke survivor. When she was four months old, she started having infantile spasms and from there she became non-mobile/non-verbal. Today, Alyssa is starting to ‘scoot’ on her bottom to go from room to room. She’s determined! She’s also a sweet little girl who loves her family and looks forward to going to Pre-K to see her friends and teachers. A communication device will provide Alyssa with a better quality of life because she will be able to better engage with everyone in her life and communicate her wants and needs. Best of all, it will reduce the frustration that leads Alyssa to harming herself and will ease the frustration of her family and friends when they don’t understand her.  

Variety KC believes every child should have a voice! Alyssa is getting hers, help us make sure every child gets the communication device they need. Donate today: