Diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange syndrome, Austin has significant developmental and intellectual delays
and requires regular supervision. Austin is unable to ride a traditional bicycle on his own due to balance
issues and a general inability to discern danger and perform safe riding procedures.
Child information:
Austin is a very happy and energetic 16-year-old boy whose favorite things include Sonic the Hedgehog,
Legos, video games, and going on adventures with his family. One of Austin’s favorite activities consists
of family bike rides through a local park and being able to feel the wind in his face. Ever since he was a
toddler, Austin would always light up at the mention of taking a ride in the ‘Zoom-Zoom (his bike trailer).
When Austin outgrew the bike trailer, we were extremely fortunate to receive a hybrid trike/trailer from
VarietyKC in 2015 that allowed the family ride to continue. Now, seven years later, Austin has again
outgrown his trike and we are looking for a way we can continue offering Austin a means to participate in
an activity that brings him so much life and joy (as well as exercise). Due to Austin’s delays, he requires a
‘captain’ to manage steering, braking, looking for cars and people, and generally staying safe. He much
prefers being a passenger so he can give his full attention to more ‘important’ things! This means we are
in need of a tandem bike with a recumbent/adaptive feature for the passenger. Extensive research led to
the Hase Pino Steps tandem bike: https://www.rad-innovations.com/hase-bikes-pino.html This bike’s
adjustable frame will allow for the family to continue with our cycling tradition even as Austin grows into
adulthood. We are thankful for your consideration as we look for ways to help keep Austin active in a
sport he truly loves.  Donate to Varietykc.com