Carter was diagnosed with Autism (Level 3) diagnosed by University of Kansas Hospital in March 2021.  He has limited spoken language and primarily communicates using vocalizations and inflections.

He also has a brilliant mind and constantly demonstrates what he is capable of. This includes his work in Speech Therapy, where he has the use of a communication device using LAMP (Words for Life). This has really increased the number of words he is imitating. When he isn’t busy piling up his toys, or climbing into tents – he will snuggle up for some cuddles or do his best to make you laugh. He has the kind of laugh that will make YOU laugh. When you see Carter, you will see his joyful spirit!

Variety partners and friends are making it possible for Carter to have his own iPad with LAMP, case and screen protector. We know how important it is to have access to communication. It reduces frustration and anxiety and levels up learning and happiness.  If you believe every child should have a voice, please donate today at  Thank you!