Phoenix is a bright, happy little boy who brings joy to all who meet him! Despite being very smart, and understanding most age-appropriate concepts, Phoenix is unable to communicate verbally and at the age of three, has a diagnosis of severe expressive language disorder.

Phoenix has been receiving speech therapy and ABA therapy for over a year now. During that time, his therapists have tried many different forms of communication with Phoenix in order to give him a way to be able to express himself. Although Phoenix was able to learn a few signs, that was not enough to ease his frustration at being unable to communicate his wants and needs. But, there’s been a breakthrough – please read this note from his mom:

Recently, Phoenix’s therapists trialed an iPad communication program called Touch Chat HD with Word Power. Phoenix was immediately successful with the device and his little eyes lit up when he realized he was now able to communicate wants, needs, and other ideas with his family. This brought sheer joy to Phoenix who giggled happily every time he made a choice on the device. Unfortunately, the device trialed with Phoenix was only available to him on a 6-week loan. So, we are hoping that Variety KC can help Phoenix obtain a device that will be his to keep. The possibilities will be endless for this little guy once he has the ability to communicate!”

When the only thing standing in the way of a giggly happy little boy is a technology device, Variety KC friends make sure that device gets into the child’s hands.  Phoenix has his, but more children need theirs. Please donate today at Thank you for giving the gift of a voice!