A Thank You Letter from Kaleb’s Family

kaleb_kingDear Variety,

We are very grateful to Variety KC for the Walk-Aid they helped payed for. The Walk-Aid has made a huge difference in Kaleb’s life since he has received it, he has been able to purchase normal shoes, and is looking forward to starting basketball again this January. Thanks to everyone that has donated to this foundation and made a difference in our son’s life and others like him. This is a great organization who cares about the quality of life for children, and I appreciate them so much.

Thanks again,

-Kara King

A Thank You Letter from Patty


Dear Variety,

Variety delivers! As a member of the Shawnee Mission Board of Education, I’ve seen firsthand the wonderful impact this charity has on kids. Variety delivered dozens of wheelchairs to our Instructional Support Center…..our teachers were genuinely moved that a group remembered to help their students. And speaking of students, not only does this nonprofit directly affect children, it also provides volunteer opportunities for students. It was especially gratifying to listen to a Shawnee Mission student explain on a local newscast about the blessing she received in joining fellow high schoolers earn a special bike for a younger Shawnee Mission student.

Variety delivers in many ways….and it chooses to allow others to take the credit thereby enhancing the experience for all. The executive director Deb Wiebrecht keenly understands that leaders of organizations allow others to shine in order to sustain a successful program. In case you were wondering, she is the incredible, shining light guiding the noble efforts to help our kids. Thank you, Deb.


A Thank You Letter from Sharon


Dear Variety,

You never stop learning! Three years ago my first experience with Variety and the fantastic people devoting their time to help others, I came to understand how a little helping and caring can go so far. Seeing the smiles on faces of children helped by Variety helps us as individuals realize how fortunate we are then we can understand how a little caring can go so far.


A Thank You Letter from Lonnie

Lonnie BlogWith more than 20 years in association and non-profit management, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an operation run as well as the Variety Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City.

The Board of directors,  has an excitement about the group that’s contagious to everyone they comes in contact with. Their passion about those helped by the group and the “out of the box” fundraising ideas help to keep  volunteers engaged.


A Thank You Letter from Beth


Dear Variety,

I’ve had the awesome opportunity of working with Variety for the last 2 years and my experiences have been nothing but truly rewarding. As a volunteer, supporter, and events committee member, I have seen first-hand what this amazing charity does for our community and the amazing kids that it includes. Variety truly cares about the families they support. I get excited and more motivated each and every time I attend an event, knowing that I am part of this inspirational organization. Every face you see connected to Variety are truly the best people you will ever get to know. LOVE LOVE LOVE Variety!!!


A Thank You Letter from Sam’s Family


Dear Variety,

My son Sam is 11 years old and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He has been in a wheelchair since he was about 5. About 3 years ago, it became time to look into a new wheelchair for Sam, one with a lot more functionality than the basic one that he had at the time. It was important to us that we find ways to promote his independence as best we could, and getting the right wheelchair with all of the right functions was the key to that.

Once all the approvals and ordering and all were done, we were left trying to figure out how we were going to pay for the out-of-pocket expense that we would be responsible for when buying this particular wheelchair. As anyone who has every purchased a power wheelchair knows, they are quite expensive, and even with great insurance, having a 10% or 20% co-insurance due really adds up.

I was told that Variety Children’s Charity provided some resources and funding to help with the purchase of mobility equipment for kids, and was put into contact with Deb. Their group of young volunteers managed to raise the funds to help us pay for the out-of-pocket expense that we owed. Sam loved his new wheelchair and we got the peace of mind of not having to worry about the cost aspect of it all. Deb and Variety planned a big event when they did the official presentation of the check. It was a baseball themed function, since Sam is a big baseball fan. We met at a local high school baseball field, and were met by many of the Variety team and some local team mascots who played baseball with Sam and his brothers. There were news people there to interview us and to video the event for the news, which made Sam feel really special! It was a very cool thing. Since then, we have been invited to many Variety fundraising events where we have met a lot of special people.

This is a great organization, and we are proud to consider ourselves part of the Variety family!