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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids – Liam

A Variety Mom explains how growing kids are a physical risk for caregivers and parents: "Liam has always struggled with walking and as he has gotten older and bigger, his strength and coordination have been declining. He had hip surgery in June of 2017 to help him, as...

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Thank you B&B Theatres!

In 2018, B&B Theatres reached out to Deborah Wiebrecht, the Executive Director of Variety KC. They asked Deb to appear in an on-screen promotional video with the president of B&B.  The on-screen video promotes B&B's generous donation from each Variety Kid Combo pack...

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SOAR the Summer

Variety KC is excited to partner with organizations that support our mission and serve kids with special needs. One of those great organizations is Grace Church and their SOAR Special Needs Day Camp. It's an inclusive summer camp that serves all diagnoses that's why...

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Meet the Kids – Pholet

When is a bike, not a bike?   When it goes beyond the joy of riding and helps a young lady named Pholet, gain strength, increase range of motion, help with coordination, and improve her gait pattern and balance.  But to Pholet, it's the adaptive bike that will allow...

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Meet the Kids – Olivia

Olivia is a six-year-old kindergartener who has been using a motorized wheelchair since she was a toddler. The problem with her power chair is that it isn’t able to navigate stairs or even the simplest step into someone’s house. That means that if Olivia wants to go...

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Meet the Kids – Lucy

At the young age of eight, Lucy has already had over a thousand hours of therapy! She was diagnosed at nine months with Cerebral Palsy w/ Left Hemiplegia caused by a stroke in utero. She has since been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety. The CP...

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Meet the Kids – Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a 10-year old boy with spina bifida, but that doesn't slow him down!  He is very active in adaptive sports and loves competition. A sports wheelchair would allow him to complete at a higher level. Currently he participates in wheelchair basketball with the...

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Meet the Kids – Braxton

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Development Delay, Delayed Expressive and Receptive Language - such a big diagnosis for such a young little boy! Braxton has autism, developmental delays, and sensory seeking behaviors. He also is very bright and reacts well to the...

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Meet the Kids – George

George is a sweet 6-year-old boy who loves being around other children and hearing their voices. He is non-verbal, but he loves to sing, coo and explore with his voice. He is unable to sit, stand or walk on his own, but he loves to use the stander at school during PT...

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Meet the Kids – Alexander and Andrew

Alexander and Andrew have gross motor, fine motor delays, and speech delays due to premature birth, but that doesn't stop them - read what their mom has to say about these remarkable four-year-old twins! "It is so important that all children be included, no matter...

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Meet the Kids – Alyssa

Can you imagine being so frustrated that you hit yourself? Alyssa is non-verbal and as a result, she can't communicate what she wants or what she needs - so she lashes out at herself because she doesn't know what else to do. Alyssa is a stroke survivor. When she was...

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