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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

New YEAR 2021 -How to raise compassionate kids!

Blog: How to Create Compassionate Kids? Being somewhat quarantined still, there’s a lot of togetherness and focus on close family and friends. This new year, in an effort to get the wee ones in our family to think outside of their family circle, we are focusing on the...

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Meet the Kids – Jacob!

Jacob has been diagnosed with a 1.21 Mb interstitial deletion of chromosome 17q22. The result of this deletion has caused a number of known and unknown issues for Jacob. He has microcephaly, reduced muscle tone, and mental and physical developmental delays. There are...

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Meet the Kids – Leo!

Leo is 7 years old and has Down syndrome. What comes with this is a lower muscle tone and a great ability to be squishy and contort his body in away to be quit escape artist. Unfortunately Leo is very good of getting out of his big booster sale 5 point harness car...

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Meet the Kids – Mario!

Mario is a loving child who loves to blow kisses. He likes water- especially baths and the pool. He likes music, dancing, toys with music, lights and sounds, and active games. He is so cute and stole our hearts! Frida, his 10 year old sister is his favorite! Mario has...

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Inclusion in Theatre 2021

Julie Denesha at KCUR 89.3FM did an online article on 6 local artists who are surviving/thriving during COVID and included us. I feel like Julie really gets to the heart of the matter in her writing. Lessons Learned and Lives Changed: Six Kansas City Artists Look Back...

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Free Exercise for EVERYONE! Each year, Variety International hosts a global convention and during that event, various efforts are recognized with awards. One of the biggest awards is the Innovation Award and this year's winner was an innovative project from Fusion...

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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

This Thanksgiving Variety KC is 85 years young, and celebrating by looking at an eight decade legacy of service. Today, we offer inclusive opportunities to over 500,000 kids annually. We live up to our name, VARIETY, because our kids represent a variety of special...

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Inclusive Playgrounds in KC!

Variety KC is proud to be the first to help create INCLUSIVE Playgrounds in Independence, Olathe and Tiffany Hills so all kids can be Active, Be Social and Belong! Help us by donating to www.varietykc.org/donate. Here’s the difference between an Inclusive Playground...

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