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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids – Levi!

Levi and his family just want a way to get some healthy exercise together!  Diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, Levi has severe developmental delays and motor challenges. This means that activities such as basketball or various sports are not a possibility for Levi....

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Meet the Kids – Samuel!

Samuel was diagnosed as Level III on the Autism Spectrum last fall. He participates in multiple therapies and works so hard. His hard work is especially noticeable in Speech Therapy where he is beginning to verbalize a bit when using an iPad and apps. Like so many...

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Meet the Kids – Olivia!

  Sweet and Sassy little Olivia has a lot to say - just can't say it! "We were blessed to meet our little Liv at two days old when she was in the NICU at Children’s Mercy, we were blessed to be able to fully adopted her 13 months later.  Liv spent seven weeks in the...

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One to Watch – Meet Reece!

  He founded a not-for-profit making costumers for kids in wheelchairs - he plays wheelchair rugby - and he speaks at conventions.  (He's still in High School!) Reese was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer at the age of two months. The tumor was in his...

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Meet the Kids – Easton!

You've just gotta love a kid whose best friends are stuffed snakes and his big sister!  Here's the family's story: "Easton has a smile that brings smiles, warmth, and love to all those around him. He finds the simplest things in life interesting and worthwhile. Easton...

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Meet the Kids – Keisha!

Keisha was shaken as an infant and suffers from some developmental challenges and hemiparesis of her left side. She has some atrophy of the muscles on her left side and struggles to stand and walk. She is making great progress and desperately wants to be self-mobile....

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Meet the Kids – Ja’Mya!

Ja'Mya is very determined and works very hard at school to meet her goals despite her disability. She is a very sweet girl and enjoys interacting with a variety of people. She has tackled a lot of obstacles in her young life and is an overcomer!  And above all -...

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Meet the Kids – Macy!

  Rett syndrome is like having Parkinson's, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Breathing abnormalities, and Anxiety all wrapped up in one little girl. Can you imagine?  Here's Macy's story from her parents: "Macy was born happy, healthy and ready to bring joy to...

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Meet the Kids – Quinton!

Quinton was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and by the time he was six months old, he had already undergone two open heart surgeries. At 13 months, Quinton suffered seizures while sleeping. The lack of oxygen to his brain caused significant brain damage. He...

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Meet the Kids – KYE!

Kye is a sweet little boy who is also a fighter! He was prenatally diagnosed with a heart condition (hypoplastic left heart syndrome). After birth, he had a stroke. In spite of all of his diagnoses, he is pleasant and a go-getter. He has received therapy since he was...

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Meet the Kids – LUCAS

Champions don't quit.  They rise, they fall, they try again.  At the age of seven, Lucas is a champion! A malignant brain tumor has resulted in visual impairment. Two life threatening emergencies have taken place over the last two years. Each time, he fought back to...

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