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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids – Vincent!

Vincent was born with Spina Bifida. He is 17 now and a junior at Blue Springs High School. Vincent loves sports and basketball is his favorite. In fact, Vincent is on the Kansas City Kings wheelchair basketball team through Midwest Adaptive Sports. This amazing group...

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Meet the Kids – Bikin’ Brilyn

Brilyn was diagnosed with Brain Abnormities. He is an active child and likes to explore his environment. His movement patterns and difficulties with balance make riding tricycles or bicycles that can be purchased at the store unsafe for him. The features of the...

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Meet the Kids – Carter!

Carter has GANO1 genetic mutation. This has caused Carter to have issues with muscle tone, progressive dystonia, and non-verbal communication. Carter is wheelchair bound, non-weight bearing, and uses a communication device to communicate. Carter is a smart, funny, and...

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Meet the Kids – Logan!

Logan has 5p- syndrome. The syndrome is caused by a missing part of the "p" arm of the fifth chromosome. It is a spectrum genetic disorder, depending on the location and size of the deletion. Logan is moderately to severely affected. He has global developmental...

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Meet the Kids – Angela!

Angela was born with Phelan McDermid syndrome, a rare genetic disorder (micro-deletion of 22nd chromosome), that results in significant cognitive impairment and most notably a lack of severe delay of speech. Angela's mother tells their story: My precious daughter...

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Meet the Kids – Harper!

Harper is a nine year old with complex medical history including 28 week prematurity twin gestation, bilateral grade 4 IVH, spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, intermittent dystonia in upper extremity, recurrent infectious intracranial ventriculitis with abscesses,...

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Meet the Kids – Porter!

Porter and his sister Lennon both have been diagnosed with level 3 autism. Porter also has a diagnosis of ADHD. Whenever the family goes out, Porter will run away unless he is in a stroller or restrained somehow. The family loves to go out for walks or to the zoo and...

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Meet the Kids – Preston

"Preston is a twin 7 year-old-boy who loves Sonic and Mario Brothers. He is the silliest and most artistic child I've ever known. When we are out running errands, Preston loves to tell the people that we see in the grocery store his newest jokes. He surprises me every...

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Meet the Kids – Anaelle!

Anaelle is smart and funny. When she was young, there were no concerns about her speech or communication because she was talking until she turned two.  However, at age three she has speech delay which limits her communication. It is believed that the use of assistive...

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Meet the Kids – Aiden!

Aiden has always been a very bright and sweet little boy. His parents noticed his speech delay was more and more evident with time. Today, at nearly three years of age, he has been diagnosed with Speech Delay and Sensory Difficulties, an autism diagnosis is being...

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Meet the Kids – Arthur!

Arthur's mom Bess shared this regarding his disability, "Art has a rare (so far four kiddos in the world have this) genetic mutation. He is our medical unicorn-complicated, uncharted, surprising one of a kind person! He has (but not limited to!) the following...

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