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Read stories about the kids, families and events that your support has impacted and the lives it has changed.

Meet the Kids – Rose!

Rose is an 18-year-old young woman with the inability to walk due to tethered spinal cord. She is TPN dependent and diagnosed with acute leukemia. Rose's dad shares her story, "Over the past two years, Rose has spent all but 7 months in the hospital. Just over two...

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Meet the Kids – Nolan!

Nolan has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, congenital nephrotic syndrome Finnish type, and is a kidney transplant recipient.  His family says he is also a superhero! Nolan is an amazing little guy, his family's superhero. Nolan was born at 34 weeks, in his early...

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Meet the Kids – Mia!

Mia has a diagnosis of  Hemimegalencephaly and seizures, but this face is the face of courage and resilience!   Mia works hard and has taken great strides to be where she is today. The tasks of everyday life have been difficult but regardless of how Mia feels she...

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Meet the Kids – Margot!

Margot is a toddler with a diagnosis of Triplegic Cerebral Palsy, but that doesn't slow her down.  Margot is a very young lady with a serious need for speed! Whether that means going down big slides, riding her daddy’s shoulders, going for a run in the jogging...

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Meet the Kids – Landon!

Landon is a young man with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy. His wants are simple:  Landon loves to be outside playing along with his brothers and neighborhood friends. An adaptive bike would increase his opportunities to interact with others and give...

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Meet the Kids – Kaden!

Kayden has a diagnosis of Sotos Syndrome, hypotonia, Den Delays and Autism  Just before his first birthday, Kayden was diagnosed with a gene mutation of Sotos syndrome (gigantism - overgrowth in childhood). The genetic condition includes many underlying conditions...

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Meet the Kids – Jacky!

Jacky has not yet been diagnosed, but shows many signs of Autism. He has received Missouri First Steps for 1.5 years and has qualified for services through North Kansas City School district beginning 8/20/23. His story is one many families experience, the wait for...

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Meet the Kids – Hunter

Hunter has been diagnosed with Autism, Global Learning Delay, Seizures. And still, he is a true miracle and blessing!  Hunter's parents describe him as a true blessing.  His parents describe the nine years it took to be blessed with him as their miracle rainbow baby,...

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Meet the Kids – Grayson!

Grayson has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, Failure to Thrive, and dysphagia/pediatric feeding disorder which resulted in the placement of a G-tube. Despite these things, he is still a typical kid! Recently his mother wrote to tell us about Grayson:  As a mother, my...

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Meet the Kids – Carter!

Carter was diagnosed with Autism (Level 3) diagnosed by University of Kansas Hospital in March 2021.  He has limited spoken language and primarily communicates using vocalizations and inflections. He also has a brilliant mind and constantly demonstrates what he is...

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Meet the Kids – Breit!

Breit has a diagnosis of DYRK1A- non-verbal. She is tube fed and has mobility challenges. None of this defines Breit! Read what her parent have to say about their little girl:  Breit is such an amazing little girl.  She has been a fighter since birth and amazes us...

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Meet the Kids – Jacquas!

Jacquas, also known as Jack, can be the sweetest kid there is. Jack was diagnosed with autism when he was three and it has been a challenge for both him and his family. .He doesn't talk and if he tries, it is not easy to understand. Then he gets very frustrated and...

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