Therapy that Teaches
New Skills

Through access to therapy services, Variety Kids learn critical skills to help them in their everyday lives.

Therapy for Kids with Disabilities

Therapy is often critical for children to improve strength, endurance, and mobility, while also increasing his or her level of independence at home and school. Variety’s My Therapy program offers access to both in-person and virtual physical, occupational, speech, aqua, or hippotherapy sessions, providing flexibility and consistent coverage to Variety Kids.

This wide range of therapies, both in-person and virtual, are made available through Variety’s trusted and approved therapists, each giving Variety Kids the opportunity to expand what they thought to be possible.

Overall, My Therapy focuses on the “ability” rather than the “disability,” making it possible for each child to more fully participate in his or her world.

Therapy We Fund


Aquatic Therapy

Behavioral Therapy


Mental Health Services

Music Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy

Looking for assistance with therapy for your child with a disability?

Other ways we help

My Medical Equipment

Medical equipment makes it possible for kids with disabilities to independently access and engage with their worlds.

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My Community Projects

We support community projects such as inclusive ball fields, playgrounds, and sports programs.

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