Making KC the first all-inclusive city in the country

To help children with physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as their families, feel included in our community, we support community projects such as inclusive ball fields, playgrounds, and sports programs.

Fix the world to work for everyone

Being a part of a community, and being able to take advantage of what your community has to offer is something many people take for granted. However, the reality is that most community parks, playgrounds, ball fields and events don’t take kids with disabilities into consideration when they are designed. This results in limited opportunities for kids with disabilities and their families to meet their neighbors, make new friends, form strong relationships and participate in life.

That’s why Variety KC has made it part of our mission to fix the world around us so it works for everyone regardless of their physical or cognitive disability. Through adaptive playgrounds, swimming pools, ball-fields and communication boards kids and their families can now be active, be social and feel a sense of belonging in communities across the KC metro.