Inclusive Playground: Wyandotte County Variety KC – Field of Dreams

If we help build it – they will come!

estimated yearly visitors

Grand Opening

Fall 2019


Additional Inclusive Playgrounds in Kansas City

It’s the Wyandotte County- Variety KC- Field of Dreams Inclusive Playground Grand Opening in Fall 2019

This park will serve an estimated 100,000 visitors each year in an area that is under served in adaptive facilities. This playground celebrates America’s favorite sport – Baseball!

Playgrounds like this are where strong communities start. It is a place where all kids can play together, overcome challenges, and learn to appreciate differences. Best of all Рit provides activity and exercise opportunities that all kids, especially those with special needs, require. Recently the Royals Alumni announced that they will be donating a piece of equipment for the playground. Championing inclusively, the Royals Alumni!

Find Out How to Volunteer.

Several generous Kansas City organizations offer an employee match program. Double your gift to Variety KC, ask your employer if they match contributions! Here is a list of known companies that do.