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Kansas City Missouri Supports Variety KC Kids with Innovative Parking Signs

There is a reason Kansas City is rapidly becoming one of the leading inclusive communities in the nation – support from local government and corporate partners. This support is demonstrated through the distribution of Variety KC parking reminders, underwritten by the Kansas City Automobile Dealers Association and adopted for use by the city of Kansas City, Mo.

Soon these signs will be seen at prominent city owned or operated locations such as Starlight Theater, government parking lots and local venues.

The signs were a brainchild of a young Variety recipient, Catie, who was frustrated by having to circle parking lots, waiting for able-bodied drivers to free up the disabled parking spots up front. This is particularly problematic for families needing the extra space to put down ramps for wheelchairs. Her mother posted this frustration on Facebook and suggested coming up with some form of “traffic ticket” with a reminder for able-bodied drivers to leave those spaces open. This idea grew into a more “prevention driven” reminder; parking signs that feature Variety Kids. The signs are installed right beneath the legal “disabled parking” signs and the kind reminder, along with the youthful smiling faces, help to personalize the message.

Local police departments report that issuance of tickets at these locations using the signs have dropped to nearly zero. As the signs gained notice, even local schools began asking for them. Apparently the “park and run in for just a second” issue is very prevalent in school parking lots, buildings that primarily serve children and families! The more signs that are posted, the more requests Variety gets! Is the effort worth it? As one area police officer said, “it always makes us angry to see people disregard disabled parking signs. The success of Variety signs isn’t just in keeping those spots open for people who really need them – it frees up officers to respond to more potential serious problems in the community.”

If you would like to help the city’s expanded use of these signs, donate below.

Accessible Parking Guide

For many people with disabilities, access aisles serve a critical purpose no one understands. These yellow or blue striped isles next to accessible parking spaces provide extra room so wheelchair users or people with disabilities can exit their vehicles.

Please share this information to educate others so we can be the most inclusive city in the world. When we know better we can do better!

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