Variety KC Inclusive Family Play Zone at KCI

KCI and Variety KC Partnership!

Grand Opening:

March 2023


The new KCI airport

  • Variety KC Play Zone
    • The Variety KC Inclusive Play Zone is located in the Concourse B amenity node next to Safi Fresh near Gate B54. It is the green Specialty Rooms marker DD on the KCI Terminal Map PDF and you can search “Children’s Play Area” on KCI Interactive Terminal Map.
  • Molly’s Sensory Room
    • Molly’s Sensory Room is located in the Concourse B amenity node next to Auntie Anne’s
  • Maddox Flight Experience
    • Reservations for the Kansas City Air Travel Experience can be made online at Maddox’s Room is located in the Concourse A amenity node next to the Lego store
  • Olivia’s Universal Restrooms – 2 locations
    • The family restrooms with Olivia’s universal changing table are located inside each multi-user all-gender restroom. These are located on Concourse A next to Johnston & Murphy, and Concourse B across from Gate B54
  • TSA Cares contact for KCI

We Have SKY-HIGH Goals

Travel by air has become more of a priority as families spread out across the country and travel is more highly valued. Millennials are the most active of travelers, and their travel plans include kids. However, many of our Variety KC parents felt flying was impossible, “what if their kids acted out or became scared?”

Our experience tells us that including our kids in travel plans just takes some adaptations and extra planning. In Variety’s drive to make KC the most inclusive city in the country, when plans for a new airport were announced…we knew it was the next challenge in our #inclusionrevolution.

Please donate to our inclusive efforts to continue the Variety inclusion revolution of change!

Proud Partner

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