Kaden’s Special Message of Inclusion

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Hi everyone, my name is Kaden and I just turned 10 on Halloween. I know you have read my book and I hope you enjoyed it. My dream in the book is to have the opportunity to play soccer like my friends. But do you want to hear a secret? My bigger dream is to help people understand what inclusion means and how important it is. Inclusion means I can play on the same playground as any of you right along side you, not on different equipment set to the side. Variety KC has worked very hard to make our community inclusive for everyone. In my book and Maddox’s dream, you hear about different parts of our community being made inclusive with everyone in mind. As I have traveled around the country, I have learned how lucky KC is because of variety, lots of communities think they are inclusive but really they just made it possible for people like me to enter the building or playground, but they didn’t make it so we can participate. I hope you learn from these books that we are all humans and we all just want to be included. I like to say we are all different colors that are pretty on our own but when we come together, we make a beautiful rainbow. Always remember we all want to be active be social and belong.



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