Could you lend a helping hand? Auction items needed for Variety Show 2020

Could you lend a helping hand? Auction items needed for Variety Show 2020

Variety Show 2020 takes place on Friday, April 3rd. This annual event is Variety KC’s single largest fundraising effort and the reason we are able to help so many kids and families right here in our area!

As part of this event, both a silent and live auction will take place. We would love to showcase your donations at the show! If you or your business has a product or service you would be willing to donate. Please contact!

Why a Variety Show?  Variety the Children’s Charity was founded in 1934 in the entertainment industry. Each year we pay tribute to our heritage with The Variety Show. An evening featuring a variety of entertainment. Enjoy fabulous food and drink, fun entertainment, and listen as Variety Kids and their stories will fill your hearts. Please join us!

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please email us at:

“We Choose Livin” by Drew Six

“We Choose Livin'” means a lot to me for many reasons. The song was inspired by Variety Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City. Ultimately, it is a message that I believe we can all relate to. You can not control what happens to you, but how you respond is a choice. “Reality” will always push down, but you can choose how you view that “reality,” hold your ground, and keep believing. I love people that use tough circumstances to fuel and inspire them. Shout out to Danielle Coulter for singing this live with me at Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland. I was blessed to have Sarah Allison Turner on the Nashville recording (You can catch her live with Jameson Rodgers at Delmar Hall in St. Louis on Valentine’s Day). Here is a new smart link to “We Choose Livin’.” If you’d like to see the lyrics, click on the youtube version (they are in the description). Don’t give up, and keep on dreaming friends! LINK:

Thank you Variety KC!


It was such a pleasure to speak to you today.
As I mentioned, it has been several years since Variety KC helped us purchase our accessible van.  It is hard for me to believe that nine months from now, our son, Samuel, will leave home for college.
As you can imagine, I am quite nostalgic about a number of things.  As the father of two boys with physical disabilities, as this time passes this year, I realize more and more how many people and how many hands have helped us raise our children.  In Daniel and Samuel’s situation it has been very humbling to accept that many of our needs for adequate transportation were outside our financial resources.
Deborah, through the generosity of your organization, Daniel and Samuel have both been able to participate in a rigorous academic achievement and have both participated in many other school activities.  At Brigham Young University, Daniel was employed as the President of the Resident Housing Association.  This was a paid position he held for two years.  He was accepted to the Journalism School and is preparing for a career as a public speaker.  As a senior in high school, Samuel is working on applying to colleges currently.  He has the great blessing of having scored a 1580 out of a possible 1600 on the SAT exam.  So, he is able to set his sights on many schools that would be outside our financial abilities.
I can say with conviction that the great accomplishments these wonderful young men have made it in part due to the generosity of organizations like Variety.
Thank you for your willingness to help our family accomplish great things.  Your contributions in helping Daniel and Samuel be included with their peers in the broad range of activities is having tangible results in shaping their futures.  For that it is difficult to adequately articulate my appreciation.
Please keep making a difference in the lives of these amazing kids in Kansas City.  I am sure I am not alone in thanking God for letting our path intersect with you all.  At this Christmas time, I wish you all great joy and peace.  May the grace of God continue to light your path and bless your efforts in making the world a better and more inclusive place.
With great love and respect,
DeWayne J Andersen
Hero Support for Daniel and Samuel Andersen
Meet Merrick

Meet Merrick

Disability: Down Syndrome, Pulmonary Hyertension, ADS and Pulmonary Vein Stenosis

We learned Merrick had Down Syndrome the day he was born. He was born at 31 weeks gestation. Merrick was placed on oxygen immediately upon birth and remains on oxygen but thankfully now only at night..After leaving the NICU Merrick was in and out of the hospital 13 more times. His last stay he was there for a little over two months. He is s sweet loving child  that would love and benefit from a Variety KC Modified Car.

Meet Arthur

Meet Arthur

Disability: Unknown Genetic Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Cerebral Visual Impairment 

Arthur AKA- Captain Sunshine! Super social and so badly wants to go go GO and keep up with the neighborhood kids and this  Variety KC car would totally help. 

Arthur lives at home with his two parents and older brother and is soon to be a big brother himself. Just like I said above the car will give him joy, allow him to keep up. Lets help Arthur GO… GO… GO!!!!!

Meet Ayaan

Meet Ayaan

Disability: Down Syndrome, Trisomy 21, Dysphagia, Low Muscle Tone, ASD/PFO, Severe Gastritis, Developmental and Speech Delay, GERD and Supraglottoplasty 

Ayaan has down syndrome trisomy 21. His mom shares that he has low muscle tone and is unable to do regular OT/PT activities like a regular 5 year old would. He is unable to walk long distances.  Physical Therapy is very hard for him so an adaptive, modified Variety KC car will encourage him to play more outside and help strengthen his muscle tone. He loves cars so this would be a tremendous gift for him and we would be blessed if he was able to get it. Mom would like Ayaan to be an independent child and be able to do regular tasks like his peers.  Thank you Variety KC for helping Ayaan be more social and get exercise outside with friends.