Meet the Kids: Jacob!

Meet the Kids: Jacob!

Jacob has cerebral palsy with muscle weakness, difficulty walking, and decreased coordination.

He enjoys playing outside with friends, but isn’t able to keep up with friends and siblings on his bike, even with assistance from his parents. He needs help with hills, leg positioning, and safety using the recumbent bike they purchased, which does not meet his needs.

His request is for the special accessories on the next size up bike, to help him enjoy riding with friends and to keep him safe. 

By now, you probably know that Variety KC believes every child should have a bike that fits their needs – and Jacob will be getting what he needs!  Help us to help all kids enjoy the rite of passage – bike riding!  Donate today at

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.”

 John F. Kennedy

Meet the Kids: Boston!

Meet the Kids: Boston!

Boston was diagnosed with autism and has not used any words for communication. His ABA Therapist has been working with him using the Touchchat app on her iPad and he is responding really well to it!

His parents have tried using pictures to help him communicate at home, but is just isn’t working as well as Touchchat and they simply can’t afford a device at this time. Their hope is that he continues to understand the pictures on the app and can translate that understanding into speech. The beauty of Touchchat is, even when speech begins to develop, the app is beneficial in adding new words.

All they really want is to know what Boston wants and needs!

Variety KC partners believe every child should have a voice and a way to be heard. Boston received his device, but there are so many more kiddos who need them. Can you help?  Donate today at

Thank you! Mascot

Meet the Kids – Jonhier!

Meet the Kids – Jonhier!

We appreciate the referrals from our partnering organizations, like this one from AbilityKC – about a little boy named Johnier.

Johnier attends AbilityKC for outpatient services in both occupational therapy and speech therapy. He has a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental delay. Johnier is a pleasant, curious and motivated 5-year-old boy who is functionally nonverbal and requires the use of an ACC (LAMP Words for Life) device to effectively express his needs and function in daily activities. Johnier is currently learning to communicate through a loner ACC (LAMP) device at home, school and during therapy sessions. Johnier is not yet an independent user with his device and relies on contact gestures for immediate needs. He is able to communicate preferred wants on the device with visual or verbal prompting. He has the fine motor skills required to isolate his index fingers and accurately push on a selected icon for independent use of the device. An AAC device such as (LAMP) is the most appropriate mode of communication that will allow him the greatest independence to participate during learning, socialization and everyday activities considering his fine motor abilities. 

LAMP Words for Life requires the use of distinct motor patterns to access and grow one’s vocabulary. Johnier had delayed motor skills, play skills, developmental and cognitive delay and problems with sensory processing. Since he is experiencing such delays, he requires consistent motor patterns for accessibility to vocabulary without a demanding cognitive load when participating in activities. Without access to a device, Johnier is unable to fully participate in occupational therapy sessions as he cannot verbalize wants and needs or distinguish between choices, which leads to temper tantrums that can take extended time to recover from. It is medically necessary for him to have a device to participate in school and everyday activities because communication is required for learning, socialization, and basic living needs.”

We agree! And Johnier is getting his device. Communication is required for learning, socialization, and basic living needs for all kids! Won’t you help Variety KC to help give all kids a voice?  Donate today,



Meet the Kids- Jesus

Meet the Kids- Jesus

Jesus was born with Spina Bifida    (Spina bifida is a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly. It falls under the broader category of neural tube defects. The neural tube is the embryonic structure that eventually develops into the baby’s brain and spinal cord and the tissues that enclose them.)

But – his diagnosis doesn’t stop him!  He loves all sports, loves to be active, and plays for the KC Kings (wheelchair basketball).  In order to keep playing safely, Jesus needs a wheelchair designed specifically for the sport. A basketball wheelchair means inclusion, it means beneficially fitness opportunities, and it means being part of a team!

Variety KC donors look forward to seeing Jesus out on the court!  Shouldn’t every child have a chance to get off the bench and into the game?  Help us make that possible…donate today at

Thank you so much!


Meet the Kids- Noah!

Meet the Kids- Noah!

Noah is a young boy with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. According to the Centers for Disease Control, autism affects an estimated 1 in 59 children in the United States today.

Noah is non-verbal and has a busy schedule. Noah splits time between mom’s house, dad’s house and daycare… as well as extended family members houses who help with childcare. At school, Picture Exchange has proven to work for him, but it is extremely hard to manage and keep the hundreds of pictures organized and together between location transfers. A communication device would be ideal for Noah to express his wants and needs. 

Despite both parents working,(they are raising 4 children, one with special needs), and it’s difficult to find the extra dollars for a communication device such as an iPad with Touchchat. 

Variety KC partners believe that every child deserves a voice, a way to communicate and alleviate the frustration of not making their needs, wants, and thoughts known. Noah is getting is device, but there are so many more who need them. Please help us give every child a voice – donate today at

Thank you!


Meet the Kids – HAYDEN!

Meet the Kids – HAYDEN!

Hayden is a very busy, outdoorsy kind of guy. He was born with a rare chromosome disorder resulting in two micro-deletions. This causes global physical and cognitive delays and difficulties. He is nonverbal and has physical limitations. In a big milestone, he recently started walking, but is quickly fatigued and can fall if the terrain is not perfectly smooth.

Here’s what his mom shared with us about Hayden’s life:

“Hayden is energetic and loves being outside! He’d live outside if it was up to him! 🙂 He is missing out on on the benefit of so many walks and trail hikes due to always being in his wheelchair or special needs stroller. It’s hard to maneuver wheeled items in the woods! Hayden would like be able to walk alongside us when possible, then hitch a ride on Dad’s back when he gets tired or the terrain gets too rough for him. Hayden would also have a completely different perspective on the world with the Freeloader! He would be able to make eye contact with more people and have more social interactions because of the height he’d be at! The freedom to enjoy the outdoors with his family as an 8-year-old boy would be a gift beyond words. Not only would Hayden be able to enjoy hikes, we would be able to go on longer walks in the city too! Downtown KC is really coming alive with things to do with family and we would be able to enjoy these events even more with the Freeloader. Finally, let’s be honest, wheelchairs & specialty strollers are HEAVY-loading, unloading, and just maneuvering around can exhaust the caregiver. The Freeloader only weighs a few pounds and can be worn even if Hayden isn’t riding. It’s convenience and the opportunity for freedom and new adventures are why we would love the support of Variety KC! Thanks for considering our request!

Variety KC partners know how important mobility is! Hayden is getting his Freeloader and we look forward to see him out and about, all over town. Every child deserves to Be Active, Be Social, and Belong – please help Variety KC make that happen, donate today at