Meet the Kids – Kaden!

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Kayden has a diagnosis of Sotos Syndrome, hypotonia, Den Delays and Autism 

Just before his first birthday, Kayden was diagnosed with a gene mutation of Sotos syndrome (gigantism – overgrowth in childhood). The genetic condition includes many underlying conditions including autism which in his case, makes him nonverbal. Because his body is growing at such a fast rate with this form of gigantism, he has hypertonia and developmental delays. In the last year, he has started walking independently. Now that he has met the walking milestone he has a strong desire to explore the world more, including adventures. Due to his lack of stamina he tires very easily.

Kayden’s personality will melt anyone’s heart. He is so lovable and that can be seen with his constant smile and cute dimples.  As his mother I am driven to get the best treatment and adaptive device as possible for him to meet his milestones. It was suggested we get him an adaptive bike by his PT at Dr. Debs center for children. He was measured last year by Freedom Concepts, but we held off during the winter months, but now that spring has sprung, he has a strong desire to get out in the warm weather and we know he is ready for an adaptive bike. We know that with this gift of a  tricycle bike he would be happy and can ride around the neighborhood with assistance from us. A special feature of this recommended tricycle has a steering wheel for an adult to push and steer him. He’s ready to explore more than just our neighborhood, but this tricycle would be the beginning of many explorations to come in his life.”

Adaptive bikes come in so many forms and make it possible for kids with various safety needs and mobility challenges to enjoy the milestone of riding a bike. Variety KC will make sure Kayden gets his adaptive bike, but there are so many more in need.  If you can help – please donate today at



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