Meet the Kids – Mia!

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Mia has a diagnosis of  Hemimegalencephaly and seizures, but this face is the face of courage and resilience!  

Mia works hard and has taken great strides to be where she is today. The tasks of everyday life have been difficult but regardless of how Mia feels she pushes through. She is now able to stand while holding onto things, learning to walk, talk, bathe and dress herself. She is a motivated little girl who keeps going no matter how difficult it is.

Mia’s mom says, “I see her as she watches other kids participate in activities that may be difficult for her, but she tries anyway. The bike that we want so badly would be a huge blessing and help her with strengthening her legs and knees. Mia would most definitely enjoy being outside on her bike with her siblings riding around together.” 

Variety KC knows the importance of the childhood passage of “riding bikes.”  Mia will be getting her safe and adaptive bike – in PURPLE – just as she wants. In Mia’s world, physical effort can be very hard. This adaptive bike will make exercising her legs and knees easier. So many children in our community could benefit from a bike – can you help?  If so, donate today at  Thank you!



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