Meet the Kids – Tommy!

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Tommy was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 26 months old. He is currently nonverbal and uses an assistive technology device to communicate. In addition to the therapies, he receives at school (OT and Speech), he also receives in-home therapies (Speech, OT, and ABA). Additionally, he participates in adaptive swim lessons through the YMCA and therapeutic horseback riding lessons at the Northland Therapeutic Riding Center. Motor planning can be challenging when he is asked to engage in whole body activities, so we are pursuing an adaptive bike to assist in his development.

Although Tommy was diagnosed with Autism at age 2, Autism does not define our son. No matter the challenge he is facing, Tommy has an enthusiasm and “no quit” attitude that is inspiring. He has progressed in his communication abilities, fine and gross motor skills, and social skills. A specific instance of this is in his growth in OT. Motor planning is especially challenging when asked to engage in two hand activities. Further, these issues are compounded when attempting activities that involve physical tension (i.e. turning a door handle, pulling Ziploc bags apart, opening marker lids, etc.). Recently, Tommy’s rotational hand strength has increased. He can now open a door with both a knob and handle and is using two hands to open Tupperware containers and deodorant caps. He has shown tremendous growth and demonstrates daily the perseverance that inspires me.

Our son also loves getting outside and being active. Tommy loves running, swinging, playing at the playground, and jumping on a trampoline. Procuring an adaptive tricycle will serve dual roles for him and our family. The adaptive bike will continue to build his motor planning skills and gently push him to grow in this much needed area. This equipment will also enhance our family’s life. He has 30 mo. old brother. We routinely go for family walks to a nearby playground. His younger brother has transitioned to a guided tricycle. He can build rapport with his brother by both biking to the park. Moreover, it gives us another activity that benefits his mind and body.

Variety KC believes in the healing power of human touch and will make it possible for Rose to snuggle with her family again soon!  Something as simple as equipment should not stand between a child and a hug from her loved ones. If you believe this too, please donate today at Thank you!



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