Meet the Kids – Jacky!

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Jacky has not yet been diagnosed, but shows many signs of Autism. He has received Missouri First Steps for 1.5 years and has qualified for services through North Kansas City School district beginning 8/20/23. His story is one many families experience, the wait for testing and steps for assistance can be time-consuming and at times seem frustratingly slow. During the wait, there are steps that can be taken and beneficial resources. 

Jacky has made great progress since beginning Missouri First Steps. He is beginning to say some words but struggles to communicate daily wants and needs in the home. He is bright and wants to learn. He has had some interaction with a communication application with his therapists and it has been very successful. Jacky’s family wants very much for Jacky to be able to communicate with us and with other people. A communication device would be very beneficial in helping Jacky and his family reach his full potential.

Variety KC understand the importance of early access to communication tools and Variety’s generous donors have made it possible for Jacky to have a device of his own. One of our most common requests, if you are able to help provide a “voice” for kids who need one – please donate today at  Thank you!



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